Zhao Kezhi: We will ensure the safety and peace of the Chinese New Year and the Olympic Games

2022-04-24 0 By

Zhao Kezhi check the Spring Festival in Beijing New Year’s eve and the winter Olympics security work and visit sympathy on auxiliary police encourage everyone to adhere to the unity of the police Loyalty takes office responsible To ensure the safe and peaceful New Year’s holiday Olympic Games security smoothly in Beijing January 31 (xinhua) state councilor and minister of the Ministry of Public Security Zhao Kezhi 31 check the Spring Festival in Beijing and the Olympic security work in the afternoon,Visit the frontline police and auxiliary police on duty.He stressed that to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary’s important speech spirit on Spring Festival mass, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firm “four confidence”, “two maintenance”, adhere to the unity, loyalty takes office and responsible, and do better to maintain security and stability and the games security work, to ensure that the people enjoy peace and peaceful New Year,To ensure a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games for the world.Zhao called for a stronger sense of preparedness, a stronger bottom-line thinking, mobilization of all police, all-out efforts to coordinate the Spring Festival, winter Olympics security, epidemic prevention and control, and social stability.To carry forward the “meticulous, delicate, extreme” style, focus on the key links, strengthen command and dispatch, to ensure the implementation of the key security tasks of the Winter Olympics.We should adhere to and develop the Fengqiao experience in the new era, conduct in-depth investigation of conflicts and disputes, effectively prevent and defuse risks and hidden dangers, and ensure sustained social security and stability.We need to strengthen the overall prevention and control of social gatherings, strictly implement high-level prevention and control duties, implement the joint prevention and control mechanism of the public security and armed police, and maintain a strong crackdown on prominent crimes such as telecom and Internet fraud, so as to enhance the sense of security of the people.We will strengthen safety precautions in key areas, key locations and crowded places, strengthen oversight over the safety of large-scale events and fireworks, deepen road traffic accident prevention, and strictly prevent the occurrence of major accidents.We need to enforce laws in a strict, standardized, fair and civilized manner. We need to ensure that law enforcement is both strict and vigorous, and that law enforcement is rational, civilized and balanced.We must step up our responsibility, ensure that our work is fully implemented, and strictly enforce discipline requirements, so as to welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with concrete actions to safeguard security and stability.Source | | China police network audit Huang Junjun coordinating editor | Hou Xianqing