The same approach in different scenarios, why the result is so different?

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By chance, I saw an article by “Mr. Wang At Will” in Toutiao, which inspired me a lot (see screenshot).This article is about his view that the supermarket he frequents tries to increase customers’ stay time by changing the location of goods so as to increase business revenue.I agree with Mr. Wang’s point of view very much. I think the supermarket’s practice is like imitating imitating others, acting in the opposite direction, or even drinking poison to quench thirst.Watching This experience of Mr. Wang, combined with one thing I know, I got into thinking.What would have happened if the supermarket had acted in a different way?Next, I will tell you about it.I have a cousin, she has a habit, every year before the Spring Festival cleaning, she will take the opportunity to clean the bed, refrigerator, sofa and other items in the home to change the position.At first, WHEN I heard her doing this, I thought it was crazy.When I met her once, I asked why.She replied, “We all get tired of new things. The reason WHY I change things in my home every year is to satisfy my curiosity and regain the enjoyment of beauty through new changes.”Her answer made me sit up and take notice.Later I learned that she not only had this habit, but also paid special attention to ritual.Whether it is a family birthday, or a wedding anniversary, if anything can have a little commemorative significance, she will organize, through various forms to commemorate.Sometimes, the memorial can take the form of something as simple as a bunch of flowers, a hug, a greeting.But it is this small sense of ritual that allows her to run the family in such harmony.From one to the other, the same approach is applied to different scenarios, but the results are very different.I think their different effects just show that whatever we do should be based on reality, rather than subjective assumptions.At any time to maintain the love of life, to the cause, keep a curiosity, to continue to explore, constantly beyond.This will make your career more exciting and your life more enjoyable.Friends, do you agree with me?If you have any different views, please feel free to comment in the comments section.Finally, in this beautiful moment of farewell to the old and welcome the new, I sincerely wish you all: healthy body, career, family fu Tiger health, love is like a tiger with wings added.I wish you: people into the year of the tiger tiger transport, people prosperous wealth prosperous everything!The Year of the Tiger is fun