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Campus justice is a basic justice for maintaining school order, and it is a rule system and order structure that can be adjusted after the occurrence of school disciplinary violations.During the investigation in C town, Guizhou province, I found that the local school order was maintained well, but the education punishment crisis that had occurred in some areas did not happen there, teachers still had the full power to punish students, and parents did not make trouble at school for profit.Therefore, we believe that local schools maintain good campus justice.The maintenance of local campus justice has nothing to do with the local family visiting system and family committee system.The single-family visiting system used to prevail in rural schools across the country. Later, with the merger of schools, some schools merged and some schools were withdrawn, the regional space of rural schools was broken, resulting in many schools no longer carrying out home visits.Guizhou has maintained the home visit system because it has been carrying out the work of preventing dropouts and protecting schools. Not only primary schools but also middle schools carry out home visits.Primary and secondary schools in C town, Guizhou province have maintained the home visit system since the 1980s, which can be divided into regular home visit and temporary home visit.Regular home visits are made in February and August every year, just before students finish their summer and winter vacations. They were originally set up for the purpose of preventing dropouts, ensuring their schooling and facilitating their return, and later became a regular system.Temporary home visit is the teacher according to the actual situation of the students home visit, especially in the students psychological fluctuations, grade fluctuations and emotional fluctuations, the teacher will go to the home to understand the situation of the students.The retention of the home visit system has multiple meanings. First, the process of home visit is the process of information communication and opinion communication between home and school. Parents can know students’ learning status at school, and teachers can also know students’ living status at home.Second, the process of home visit is the process of reaching educational consensus between home and school. There are educational conflicts and educational estrangement between parents and teachers, which can be resolved through in-depth conversation in face-to-face intimate conversation.Third, the process of home visit is also the process of teachers re-educating parents. Since many parents do not know how to educate their children, and teachers have the ability of professional and scientific education for students, they can teach parents some effective ways, so that they can acquire some effective education methods.Fourth, the process of home visit is a process of shaping and strengthening the authority of the school. The school bends into the student’s family, which means that the school attaches importance to the education of the student on the one hand, and the parents should attach importance to education if they do not attach importance to education.On the other hand, it extends the content and authority of school education management to the family, making the school authority realize the presence of the family, and students’ performance in the family will be fully exposed to the teacher, so that they have to fear the teacher’s authority.Fifth, the home visiting system is a kind of constraint for the school. Teachers have to go to the countryside for home visits every year, and if teachers lack public integrity and competence, they will also be questioned and denied by parents. Therefore, the retention of the home visiting system makes the teachers and the school self-restraint, so as to maintain the authority and credibility of the school.In short, the home visiting system is a system to restrain both sides of the family and school, to bridge the contradiction between the family and school, and to reach a common goal.The effectiveness of home visits can be seen from the fact that local teachers have the right to punish students’ violations of discipline. Teachers can fairly punish students who make mistakes, and parents will stand on the side of teachers.Some parents will say to the teacher, “The child is not obedient, you and I mercilessly ‘shovel’ (shovel means slap).”The home-school communication mode shaped by the home-visit system is irreplaceable by the current popular wechat group communication mode.Due to different communication Spaces, scenes and ways, there are significant differences in the depth of interaction and relationship state between the two.In terms of space, home visits are face-to-face communication in the same space, and parents and teachers can personally perceive the language, facial expressions and emotions.In the communication of opinions and information, both sides can carry out in-depth and intensive interaction and exchange, so as to reach an agreement easily.Even if there is a conflict of opinions, it can be resolved in the field.WeChat group is a virtual space, home to the school of information between the two parties can only simple communication, interactive information is very limited, the cold words can’t completely true convey both the mind and emotional state, sometimes inappropriate words and emoticons also easy to cause misunderstanding, so as to increase mutual suspicion and barriers.For scenario, the living environment of the family visit is hit by the student’s actual situation, sometimes don’t need language, students can through the observation to understand more complicated living environment and family relations, thus for students’ family situation and living background have a comprehensive analysis, thus more fully grasp the status of the students, thus facilitating better according to their aptitude.Wechat group is the online communication between teachers and parents. Online communication can only judge the temperament and disposition of parents and their families based on a few text information, but cannot make comprehensive research and judgment on students’ families.Therefore, through simple text communication in wechat groups, teachers’ knowledge and understanding of students’ families are lacking.In terms of ways, the interaction between parents and teachers in the process of home visit is not only verbal interaction, but also emotional interaction.For example, the teacher will express concern about the students’ learning state, the teacher will show joy in front of the parents of the students who perform well, will show concern in front of the parents of the students who perform poorly, and will express love and “hate” to the naughty but smart students.Parents will give emotional scores to teachers. For teachers with strong ability and public purpose, they will express their gratitude by sending vegetables and peanuts, and for teachers with poor performance, they will express their dissatisfaction by blaming, spreading anger and rushing.This interaction is profound and motivating, and this deep emotional exchange is a solid foundation for building a relationship of trust between home and school.WeChat parent-school communication within the group, only language interaction, and given priority to with the teacher notice, one-way information output can produce a kind of unequal power relations and exchanges GeMoGan, parents can only obey, the two sides can’t depth of interaction, so the home school also does not produce mutual trust between the two sides is the information communication between the trivial, one-sided, appears with the school in the authority of the parents,In fact, it does not form substantial authority. Parents’ dissatisfaction with the school is easily expressed through some other things or a parent.In general, the home visiting system is not only an institutional practice of effective communication between home and school, but also an institutional practice of producing school authority.Although this system goes beyond the education space and extends to the students’ living space, it can break the one-way education relationship, awaken and strengthen the family’s education consciousness, establish the boundary of rights, responsibilities and interests between the family and school in education, and form the educational relationship system of mutual trust and reciprocity between the family and school.The committee is another perspective to peep into the relationship between home and school.Parents’ committee is not a traditional institution of school education management, but a new institution with the standardization of education.The standardized requirements of the state for schools are reflected in many aspects: first, financial standardization. With the cancellation of agricultural taxes and fees and the implementation of free compulsory education, grassroots schools mainly rely on the financial support of the state. The state has to manage school funds and increasingly forbid schools to collect fees.The second is to standardize the behavior, especially the corporal punishment of teachers, prohibit teachers from harming students.The third is the standardization of the process, that is, the process of the school education management related affairs is standardized management, and the superior increases the standardization of the school management through various inspections.Since the standardized construction of schools will affect the daily management of schools, the parents’ committee comes into being to solve the problem of standardized education, that is, the parents’ committee is established by selecting the parents’ representatives, and the parents’ committee assists the school to complete relevant affairs, so as to ensure the normal operation of schools.The family committee of C Town Central Primary School in Guizhou is divided into two levels: class and school.Class parent committee is to elect 3-5 parent representatives from the class at the time of the parent meeting. The parent representative group will form the class parent committee.There are 20 classes in the school, and the 20 parent representatives form the school-level family committee, and then elect the president of the family committee.At the parent meeting, candidates are chosen by the class teacher, not by audition, and a show of hands vote is held among the candidates.The candidate selected by the head teacher should have several characteristics: one is to have a public heart;The second is to have responsibility;Three is to have a good relationship with the teacher (mainly to be able to train of thought with the teacher);Fourth, must be at home, have time to participate in the school related work;Five is the choice of parents of children to excellent results, persuasive and driving.Under normal circumstances, the parents elected by the class teacher can be successfully elected.It can be said that the establishment of parents’ committee is a limited democracy, that is, parents are not allowed to freely elect students, but choose under the premise that teachers control the overall direction, thus ensuring that parents’ committee carries out activities under the leadership of the school.The committee mainly participates in several works: first, it involves the work that needs to collect fees, such as buying school uniforms and purchasing pure water.Because the school does not have the authority to charge fees, but students need to wear school uniforms, by the parents’ committee to come forward with the school uniform supplier docking, determine the style and price of clothing, and to charge students’ parents.Some classes do not want to drink the school boiling water, can be by the class home committee to collect money to buy water.The second is to participate in large-scale activities of the school. For example, when volunteers are needed to assist the school in the celebration of Children’s Day on June 1, members of the pta will assist the school.Third, the mediation of conflicts and disputes, including home-school conflicts and parental conflicts.When conflicts arise between parents and teachers, and it is obviously the parents’ problem, the pta members will intervene and suppress the unreasonable parents by using the social relations of acquaintances.For example, when parents are unwilling to pay for their children’s research trips, members of the pta will stand up and criticize the parents, saying, “You are not willing to spend 80 yuan, which is not even worth the money you lost in a mahjong game, or the cost of a midnight snack. Why don’t you pay?If you don’t, I’ll do it for you.”Because parents are familiar with each other, although some parents are not directly familiar with, but through some acquaintance relationship can also establish contact familiar.In addition, the members of the family committee who dare to speak frankly and have an open mind are also those who dare to speak frankly and have an open mind in the village. Their “reprimanding” of parents has a certain degree of public opinion binding force, so the “lessons” of the family committee members can still play a certain role in suppressing, thus helping the school to stabilize the campus order.The work of the parents’ committee is mainly to undertake the remaining affairs after the standardized construction of the school, and to play the role of relationship coordination and activity participation in school management.The local pta is different from the dysfunctional PTA reported by the Internet media.There are two types of parents’ committees with dissimilated functions: one is profit-oriented organization, in which parents compete for teachers’ attention;One type is load-bearing organizations, in which pta members take on a lot of the work that should be done by the school, and the pta members become teachers’ deputies.The former type of family committee is biased towards parents’ selfish interests, while the latter type of family committee is biased towards schools’ selfish interests.Different from this type of organization, the family committee of Guizhou Chadian Central Primary School is a public organization, which is manifested in three aspects: first, it is public, that is, the family committee cannot become a speaker to express personal interests;The second is public welfare, that is, it is compulsory for pta members to participate in school related affairs;The third is the limitation. On the one hand, it ensures that the pta members will not exceed the authority of management required by the school. On the other hand, it ensures that parents balance between school and work, and parents do not affect their own work in order to complete school tasks.In short, after the boundaries between home and school are clearly defined, a balanced relationship between responsibilities and rights can be established.Third, from the perspective of guizhou’s home-visiting system and the construction of family committees, the local home-school relationship is a cooperative home-school relationship, which is based on school education and supplemented by family education. The home-school relationship has formed a consistent goal. The family trusts the school and fully authorizes the school, while the school is responsible for the education expectation of the family.Thus, a benign relationship of home-school interaction and home-school trust is constructed. Home-school cooperation is helpful to maintain and produce campus justice.Every school has its own rule system to maintain the operation of the school. This rule system needs to be observed by teachers, students and parents. When students violate school rules and regulations, teachers punish students according to this rule system, and parents support and approve the teacher’s punishment.Before the construction of campus standardization, most schools allowed teachers to punish students to varying degrees. This kind of corporal punishment was in line with the requirements of school discipline and regulations, and was recognized by parents.With the standardized construction of schools, especially after the issuance of the Law on the Protection of Minors, school discipline and regulations have been impacted by the Law on the Protection of Minors, and teachers’ behavior of disciplining students has lost legitimacy. Therefore, in some areas, there will be conflicts of teachers being petitioned by parents after disciplining students.However, in C town, there are no incidents of teachers being pestered or visited by parents after disciplining students. The key lies in the fact that the school and parents maintain the relationship of education community, and the two have the same educational goal, which is realized by the home visiting system and the construction of family committee.The key to the home-school education community is to establish the home-school information communication channel, to ensure the information exchange and educational interaction between home-school, to avoid unnecessary conflicts and contradictions, and to achieve the consistent goal between home-school;Second, it breaks down the space barrier between school and family and realizes effective communication between school education and family education through intensive interaction between home and school.The third is to build the authority of school education, that is, strengthen the authority of school through the comprehensive supply of school education services (home visits and family committees have strong response ability);Fourthly, it clarifies the boundary between home and school to ensure the school’s educational subjectivity and resource mobilization ability.A relationship of trust is formed between the principal schools, and the school gains educational authority.After families are willing to share resources with the school, students’ behaviors will be effectively guided and reasonably corrected by the school, so the school’s campus justice will be maintained.Li Ting: Return home to start a business for ten years, become “overdrawn” small-town youth?Hou with better Xia Zhuzhi | mobilize community initiative in the elderly Promoting the sustainable development of urban pension over red | why education poverty alleviation policy effective?Ray looked why red | secondary vocational education in our country is not successful?- theory’s hats not rationality of distribution policy | Yang hua county of the integration of urban and rural education need what conditions?Webber | office shed’s anxiety: a moderate distress than book embellish the people who were born | secretary of the village the day: to deal with more than ten thing, nearly 200 call home | hou with better remember: after ShuangJian parents “volume”, I was stunned county how to implement the compulsory education balanced development?Xia Zhuzhi, ezdraw | phone with martial service management student?Of ray at red | on the explaination: education formalism of operation mechanism and the production logic xue-feng he | agriculture, rural areas and farmers as a whole, not be out talking over red | ease county urban and rural family education “burden” imminent xue-feng he: into the city and return home, farmers should have flexibility