10 minutes of tension and dare not breathe!The Chinese team finally got good news

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The Chinese team just finished third in the short track mixed relay semifinals.If this ranking is followed, China will not be in the final gold medal race.When the results came out, the end of the reporter side for China team regret, while holding a computer to go to the mixed mining area, ready to interview team members feel.However, the results of each team were not shown on the big screen.Meanwhile, the live announcement from the Capital Stadium was repeated over and over again, asking everyone to wait patiently for the referee’s decision.There was a silence as all eyes turned to the referee.Nerves were tense for about 10 minutes before the referee, after reviewing the video, ruled that the US team, which finished second, blocked the Chinese team during the handover.The Russian Olympic Team was also disqualified for foul play.China finished second in group A and will face Canada, Italy and Hungary for the championship.The audience broke into thunderous applause.(Original title: the audience tense 10 minutes dare not breathe!China eventually harvest good news source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li li, wang smiled LiuShuang Li sl Liu ping process editor: u027 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.